5 helpful tips for taking an Engagement Session with your dogs

These adorable guys tagged along with Ashley & Kyle were a blast to work with!  We met up for an engagement session in December at Bee Tree Park. The happy couple will be getting married in May and are preparing for their big wedding day in St. Louis, MO.  They were wanting to create “save the dates” for their wedding, and these images were used for that. I love working with dogs, and getting images with them can often be a fun and great idea but there are certain things that need to be kept in mind when shooting with your fur babies.  Here are a few helpful tips when taking your engagement pictures with your dogs.

1. It is very important to find a space or park that is pet friendly for your images. Make sure your meeting space for images is a place where your pet is welcome.

2. Make sure to have someone there to hold your dogs while you are off getting photographed. Ashley & Kyle brought someone to care for the dogs while we were able to capture beautiful images of just them and that made things so much easier.  It is important that they are not left in a car, so having that extra person can really help if there are other people at the park, or if the dogs needs walking, water, etc.

3. Give your dog(s) plenty of exercise before the session. Give your little pup a walk beforehand so they are not ready to run and take care of business when it is time for pictures!

4. Dogs love treats, and bribery works well! Reinforcing good behavior with rewards is always a win-win. Come prepared with goodies for your favorite doggies.

5. Relax, and don’t get frustrated. When I was working with Ashley & Kyle their dogs could get a little excitable, and they were not doing things on cue at first.  I had them take a step back and relax and enjoy the session, so the dogs would too.  This helped us get some amazing images. I love capturing those candid moments as things unfold so just have fun, and enjoy yourself!  Capturing your family being authentic is something I love and creates terrific photographs.

6. Finally, it is important to make your dog(s) look their best for their images too!  Grooming and any cute accessories you would like to bring will make your dog look their best for the session. Etsy has so many cute items for dogs including bow-ties, bandannas, signs etc. You could also do a D.I.Y. and create a save the date sign like Ashley did!

Hopefully this is helpful for dog lovers including Elizabeth Lloyd Photography! This would also pertain to your Wedding day or portrait sessions with your pet.








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