Saint Louis Bride Wedding Show

We are thrilled to be a part of St. Louis Bride’s Summer Wedding Connection Bridal Show. We will be joining other talented vendors this Sunday, July 30th at the Hilton Frontenac on Lindbergh. We can’t wait to meet couples at the event. I am excited to be doing a show with the talented people at Saint Louis Bride Magazine here in St. Louis. If you are totally overwhelmed planning your day this might just be the thing you need. Just Relax and the professionals help you!

Go to see the latest weddings trends and styles, meet the local vendors and spend quality time with them, taste the yummy food, get your important questions answered. The tangibility of going to a bridal show let’s your senses experience planning a wedding that you may not get if you were just to plan it all online. Just going and spending time in the environment where you can hear the bands, smell the flowers and personally meet your vendors may really help you with all those decisions you may be needing to make and put your mind at ease.

It is important to be informed and I want my bride and grooms to have a good time and enjoy themselves even during their planning process!

Come and see us we will be the ones smiling enjoying our time together while we get to meet potential couples! We are passionate about your photographing your day, your love story and drinking black coffee and eating tacos! Come with questions and come and play with our brand new photo booth “Best Day Ever” photo booth!

Saint Louis Bride

A little bit about us…We are high school sweeties, we love to make each other laugh, we are obsessed with Hawaii like I want to move there, I am still trying to convince Patrick! We are foodies we really love trying new foods and enjoy eating all the tacos. We are both super addicted to black coffee and we are not nice if we don’t drink it!

We have two dogs one which followed our daughter home from the school bus and never left he adopted us, and we are more than okay with that. We have three kids we love to have game night with them, go on hikes with them and watch a lot of Netflix together.

Our family loves going on adventures together, and Patrick and I love doing Destination Weddings!

Our style is super romantic, we love sentimental things and we try to always shoot in an artistic way.  The photo of us is on the North Shore of Oahu Hawaii!

St. Louis Bride


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